Doctor's Office Referrals

What you need to know...

Who to Refer

Willamette Valley Dyslexia Center serves all ages.  We  provide screening for profiles of Dyslexia, and individualized structured literacy tutoring.  There is also an in-house SLP who provides language evaluations and remediation.

What we Do

Although Dyslexia requires a diagnosis (from a clinician), it is treated academically.  We are a tutoring opportunity, and therefore we cannot bill insurance.  Patients accessing The Center, will be self-pay.  Patients seeking SLP services are eligible for insurance reimbursement.

Did you Know

With a letter of Medical Necessity (we'll provide a detailed report demonstrating need to you), a patient wishing to get tutored can access their HSA funds, to help off-set the cost.  Accessing our SLP can also provide opportunities for insurance payment.