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Personalized Dyslexia Tutoring

Children with dyslexia learn differently...

The best way to teach dyslexic children to read is through something called an Orton-Gillingham approach. This approach uses multiple senses to activate different pathways in the brain while reading. We use an Orton-Gillingham approach at the dyslexia center and tailor the program to your child's specific needs.​

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Here's the basics...

  • Children are tutored 1:1 with a dyslexia specialist

  • They are tutored twice a week

  • The sessions are 45 minutes long

  • Children are typically proficient in reading in 2 years.


​$480 per month for two 45-minute sessions per week.

Why dyslexia tutoring works...

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How it works...

Watch the video above ↑  for the best explanation of dyslexia tutoring.


Using an Orton-Gillingham approach to reading creates new "reading pathways" in the brain. It teaches reading and spelling in ways unique to the ways specific to those with reading disabilities (read more about the research on Orton-Gillingham here).

We follow this research-based Orton-Gillingham approach in the center. Our lessons incorporate techniques that simultaneously activate sensory pathways and create these new "reading pathways." 


Children are tutored 1:1 twice a week at times that are convenient for their family’s schedule. This allows the curriculum to be tailored to each child, and progress is made in small, quantifiable steps. Our professional staff is specifically trained to work with children with dyslexia and learning disabilities.


Our program is independent of public school procedures. We serve all children regardless of ability. On average, children who begin the program have achieved a proficient reading level in about 2 years. Often, this instruction improves the child’s self-confidence and their approach to learning.  


We take pride in the fact that our model incorporates the latest scientific research in reading and spelling, dyslexia, dyslexia remediation, and learning disabilities.  We are structured to serve a specific population; children with dyslexia and learning disabilities. But, it is not required that the child have a formal diagnosis of dyslexia. Our screening process helps to identify dyslexia and target specific deficiency areas. 


Our instructional approach is specially designed for each student. Concepts are introduced using simultaneous, multi-sensory techniques. Children are taught to analyze words using analytic strategies. 


Upon identifying areas of need, children will be placed in an appropriate lesson with the right tutor for them. 

Below is a video example of a dyslexia tutor teaching a child a spelling rule similar to how we teach in the dyslexia center. 

Here's how to get started...

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Tell us about your specific situation and need, and our dyslexia center director will reach out to your with answers and suggestions.

Call/text 503-931-3622 or

Fill out the contact form below ↓↓↓ 

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Our dyslexia center director will talk to you about your specific needs and create an individualized plan for your child.

After identifying specific areas of need your child will be placed with the right tutor for them.



All of the dyslexia tutors at Willamette Dyslexia Center have been trained in the most up-to-date methods for teaching children with dyslexia and other reading disorders.

Fill out the contact form below ↓↓↓

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