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DECODED: A Science of Reading training

Have you...

- Heard some BUZZ about the Science of Reading and want to know more?

- Been through previous training that was brief (or maybe not so brief) that addressed the WHY not the HOW?

- Maybe the HOW was talked about but, you are still feeling unsure…

- Maybe you want to bring the Science of Reading to your practice but feel overwhelmed about where and how to start?

- Has your state passed recent legislation requiring Dyslexia Screening or training? 

- English Spelling rules are convoluted and cumbersome, and honestly, nobody has time for that! 




Hi!  I'm Lynn.  I’ve been in your shoes!  Over a decade ago I walked into a public special education classroom.  I sat across a table from sweet little faces who could NOT read!  And, I had NO IDEA how to help them!  In 2016, I took advantage of a classroom crowd funding option to attend an Orton-Gillingham training, and haven't looked back!  Then, resources were hard to come by, and I build a lot of my curriculum from scratch.  I've learned through trial and error, and asking a lot of questions (I was on a first name basis with my trainer).  I used this methodology in general education classrooms as co-teacher, I've also used it as TIER II & III intervention in various settings.

In 2019, I opened the tutoring center to allow myself the opportunity to teach kids HOW TO READ, in the way they deserved to be taught!

AND NOW! I want to give you the power to change the conversations in RTI meetings!  To feel confident in your specialized instruction!  To give parents the comfort that their kids will FINALLY get the instruction they need! 

Over the 8 weeks of this course, I will give you all the most current info.  Information, articles, YouTube videos that have taken me years to get to (YES!! I’ve collected the best resources and brought them here for you)

- You will feel confident in identifying dyslexia from the first signs, all the way through a screening process

- You will have LIVE coaching through each step of the lesson plan, and will be able to implement the lessons, upon completion of the course, with confidence.

- You will be able to guide conversations in RTI meetings, and write appropriate Science of Reading aligned IEP goals and accommodations

- You will join a community of educators who are CHANGING THE LIVES OF KIDS! 

The Science of Reading doesn't take away the LOVE of reading through rote drills, it empowers kids to be life long, independent, confident, LEARNERS!

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